Workshop on Integrated Systems Analysis
Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore

Digitalization and the Internet-of-Things are transforming the society and in particular the energy sector. Decision-making is becoming exponentially more challenging with the exploding volume of easily accessible information and data. Under the contemporary challenges in energy and the environment, every decision will cause rippling effects across the entire system. Solving the macro-level problems without losing track of the micro-level issues requires a robust and systematic approach that is inter-disciplinary in nature. The Energy Studies Institute (ESI) has launched a research partnership with Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), University of Technology Sydney, Shanghai Maritime University, and research organizations from China, Switzerland, and the USA. The objectives are to foster international collaboration for scientific excellence in the area of integrated systems analysis; forge strong links between the scientific and policymaking communities through the development of a common analytical platform encompassing both quantitative and qualitative analysis methods; and continuously generate state-of-the-art analytical methods that can be used to address diverse issues and challenges related to technology innovations, sustainable energy, economics and policy, and the environment and ecosystem. Our Vision is to be a go-to center of excellence on intelligent systems analysis in its diversity, scientific methods and practical applications, and a vibrant network for sharing ideas and demonstration of state-of-the-art methods and applications. We would like to invite scholars in the areas of energy systems analysis, energy efficiency and conservation, energy strategy and policy, and other areas related to integrated systems analysis to contribute papers to our workshop co-located with the International Conference on Energy, Ecology, and Environment 2018 (ICEEE 2018). Please contact Dr. Victor Nian at if you have any question of an academic nature. For general inquiries on the ICEEE Conference, please contact


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