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Best Paper Awards

The conference will have the following awards, which will be announced and bestowed at the conference closing session.

Best Paper Award
Best Student Paper Award
(SCI Journal) Best Paper Award

The author of an awarded paper, and co-authors if any, will be entitled to:
1. A signed award certificate by the Conference Chair, Program Chair and Advisory Committee Chair ;
2. The announcement of their achievement on the conference webpage;
3. Having the paper included in the list of conference best papers and invited for an extended and revised version publication in a journal.

Selection Criteria
The awards will be conferred to the author(s) of a communication presented at the conference, selected by the Advisory Committee/Program/Conference
Chairs based on the best combined marks of paper reviewing, assessed by the Program Committee, and paper presentation quality, assessed by session
chairs at the conference venue. The best paper awards are less than the 2% of the conference papers.
The "Best Student Paper Award" will be given to a paper in which the first author is a registered MSc or PhD student.
* (SCI Journal) Best Paper Award depends on the Jounal or Published sponsors .